Chinese New Year Lunch and Movie Matinee at the Georgetown Library

A gold border, creating a square with geometric shapes in the corners.  Inside the square, a red and gold Chinese lantern hanging from the top left corner.  In the bottom right corner is a small round brown table with a a red bowl sitting on top.  Inside the bowl is white rice with chop sticks sticking out of the top.  At he top of the box, directly below the gold border, "Chinese New Year Lunch and Movie Matinee" written in dark brown font.  Underneath that is a picture of a movie poster from the Disney's Mulan movie.  Directly below the poster is "Join us for a Chinese New Year celebration with Mulan and chicken fried rice! Saturday, February 17, 2018. 12:00 Noon at the Georgetown Library. Registration is required." written in a dark brown font.

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