Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room:
Meeting Rooms are available at all facilities of The Brown County Public Library, and the BCPL welcomes the use of its meeting rooms. First priority in the use of the meeting rooms will always be given to Library-sponsored and co-sponsored programs, and to programs held in cooperation with the library. Meeting rooms are available free of charge to library-sponsored groups and to organizations of a professional, civic, cultural, social, political, religious, or educational nature. Persons volunteering as tutors as part of a non-profit program may also use the rooms at no cost, and the rooms may serve as public galleries for cultural and educational exhibits.  Meeting rooms are NOT available for promotion or sale of services, non-library fundraising, campaigning activities, or for conducting classes for profit. Commercially-sponsored courses may be permitted if co-sponsored by or related to the public service aspect of the library. Meeting rooms are available during library hours, or after library hours if the meeting is begun during hours of operation. Meetings cannot be held on days that the library is closed. Reservations should be made through the building manager at least one week in advance of the event. Request forms must be completed and signed at least 24 hours in advance of the room use. Cancellations must also be made 24 hours in advance. 
See attachments for full meeting room policy, guidelines, and meeting room application.