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  • You must fill out a fax disclaimer sheet prior to sending a fax.
  • Brown County Public Library offers a public fax service at $1.00 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page. 
  • A self-service photocopier is available in each library building for public use. 10¢ per page for copying black & white, and 35¢ per page for copying color.
Meeting Room:
  • Each library building has a meeting room which may be reserved for certain public functions. Contact the library for more details or see our meeting room policy. (Printable form at bottom of page)


  • The Brown County Public Library serves the people of Brown County by providing outreach services to various community groups such as day care centers, head start, schools, nursing homes, and senior citizen's groups.
  • Please contact the library if we can be of service to your group